Join The Bracket Showdown On August 4, 5, 6 at Ouachita

You don’t want to miss this!

The first ever Bracket Showdown is set to take place on the Ouachita River in Louisiana on August 4th, 5th, and 6th.

This National Qualifier Event is limited to the first 100 boats that sign up, so make sure you secure your spot in the Showdown now (click here).

How The Bracket Showdown Will Work

With a full field of 100 teams, Day 1 will feature a random draw to produce 50 head-to-head matchups. Each team will be allowed to weigh in 7 fish, with the highest weight in each matchup advancing on to Day 2 (meaning 50 teams will advance). After Day 1, all team weights will zero out.

On Day 2, the 50 teams that advanced from the previous day will create 25 head-to-head matchups, while the 50 teams that lost on Day 1 will enter into a tournament-style elimination.

The 25 winning head-to-head matchup teams will advance on to Championship Saturday. Additionally, the top 5 heaviest weights from the Day 2 head-to-head matchup losers will advance, as will the top 5 heaviest weights from the 50 tournament-style elimination teams that lost on Day 1, giving us a total of 35 boats for Championship Saturday.

On Championship Saturday, the 35 teams will once again start from zero on the scales and have a full day to weigh in a limit of 7 fish with tournament-style action determining the Bracket Showdown winner.

Prizes will be as follows, based on a full 100-boat field:

1st Place = $15,000
2nd Place = $7,500
3rd Place = $4,500
4th Place = $3,250
5th Place = $2,250
6th Place = $1,500
7th Place = $1,250
8th Place = $1,050
9th Place = $900
10th Place = $800
11th thru 20th Place = $500

Click the button below to sign up now for the Bracket Showdown on the Ouachita River!

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