Rookie Team of the Year

To be considered a Rookie you must have three years or less experience on the Crappie Masters Tournament Trail, fishes in no more than three regular season qualifiers in any one year, nor may have won a Crappie Masters National Tournament. Your best two finishes plus the National Championship will be used. 1st – $1500.00; 2nd – $1000.00; 3rd – $500.00

AnglerPartnerLake TalquinLake D'ArbonneGrenada LakeLake EufaulaRend LakeRookie Total PointsClassic Qualified
Zack MinnixBill Hunt196186189196392X
Dustin Shields197186383X
Jason MusgraveCaleb Baker170178183361x
Trey DavisRobbie Hopper174171179353X
Adam WhiteRebekah White177162339X
Dan MaberyCody Smith155175330x
John Hudnall160164324X
Ethan/ Mike Nipper-Brayden NipperBrayden Nipper200200X
Ryan HansonJunior Dye200200X
Binh NguyenJoey Mullis199199X
Mike KennerScott Keener183183X
Aryn KnipfelLyle Knipfel173173X
Jonathon ImpsonBobby Jones172172X
Jonathon AndersonCody Dennis166166X
Jonathon BoundsMichael Bounds154154